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Reach everyone you know for emergencies and tasks with mobile phone paging software that's easy to use.

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It’s easy to miss emails, calls, and other communications in this hyperactive digital world. There’s just too many notifications to sort through in a timely manner. With Pagem mobile phone paging software installed, we guarantee that you won’t miss a truly important alert.

What is a pager?

Aren’t pagers really old? Well, yes! The first paging system was launched all the way back in 1949! Pagers, also known as beepers, were some of the first mobile communication devices before we all had a smartphone in our pocket. They’ve commonly been used in hospitals, among first responders, and in restaurants since the 1980s.

Today, pagers piggyback on the smartphones and computers we already have with us. The modern pager is software-based and accessible from all mobile devices. And the best paging applications are reliable, easy to use, and accessible from both mobile and desktop computers.

Why do I need a pager?

Here’s a common scenario: You’re a manager and you call an employee in a frantic rush - there’s an emergency. A server just went down, an employee called in sick only an hour before their shift - there’s an unlimited number of scenarios where mobile phone paging software will come to the rescue.

Unfortunately, their cell phone was set to vibrate, so they don’t call you back for another 40 minutes. In the meantime, you call every employee who works for you hoping to get in touch with them immediately. Sound familiar?

With Pagem installed, you can avoid this whole mess from the very start. At the press of a button, you can guarantee that your team’s phones will make noise regardless of whether they are set to vibrate or do-not-disturb. And if that employee still misses the page, you can configure page groups to automatically page other team members in priority order, saving you time and energy. Whether you’re a business owner, manager, or just want to make sure you can reach family in an emergency, reliable paging applications will improve your peace of mind and efficiency.

How does a pager work?

Pagers are super simple and easy to use. When you page another person, the receiving device makes an increasingly loud, difficult-to-ignore ringing sound - the kind of sound that will eventually be heard throughout a house or across a building floor. The person you paged can either acknowledge or decline the page to let you know whether they are available to handle the situation at hand.

Great mobile phone paging software like Pagem adds additional layers of functionality to make the paging process foolproof. If a paged person fails to respond or their device can’t reach a network, you’ll be immediately notified in order to respond appropriately. You can also cancel a page in-progress if the situation has been resolved or you made a mistake in sending it. Canceling will immediately stop the receiver’s device from making noise and let them know that you canceled. Finally, you can attach an optional message to your page to fill the receiver in on what’s going on. You can learn more about what's possible in this article that explains how to Set up a Pager Dispatch System.

Why should I use a pager?

Whether you're a business owner, manager, or just want to reach family in an emergency, reliable paging software will improve your efficiency and provide you peace of mind.

  • Simplicity

    Pagers are used for only one thing. Instead of relying on calls, which can be easily missed if a phone is set to silent or vibrate, use pages to reach important people at crucial times. Pagers are great for separating the urgent, important notifications from the ones that you can respond to in a few hours.

  • Automatability

    Using Pagem’s API, you can be immediately alerted by an automated system to catch emergency situations as they happen. This automation can be set up on a variety of systems ranging from servers, security systems, and temperature monitors.

  • Efficiency

    By using page groups, you can reduce the number of people bothered by an important situation. Once a person in a page group is reached and acknowledges the page, the other group members are left alone to continue with their own important work free from distractions.

How do I get started with paging?

There’s lots of great paging software out there for you to try. Be warned - a lot of them require expensive monthly fees to even get started. We recommend setting up a free account with Pagem, where you can use all of our core functionality for free without paying a penny. Visit our Pricing page today to learn more.

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