The Pagem API features a simple REST interface that's easy to use for automated mobile phone paging.

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Pagem's Application Programming Interface (API) provides commands to allow other software programs to execute and automate mobile pages on your behalf. Use it to create an automated alert system or custom mobile paging service for your business or organization. The API uses the Representational State Transfer (REST) pattern to expose simple commands via the HTTP protocol at the following end-point:

Pagem API commands with examples


This most basic command to test the ability to converse with the Pagem API. No authentication is required. It simply returns a timestamp, and a test message.


This command allows you to page individuals and groups through the API. You'll need your API key which can be found under SETTINGS --> PROFILE on the Pagem website application (note, your API key is not displayed within the phone app). And you'll need the ID of your target Pagee (click on their name in your Pagees table and you'll see their 'Api id' displayed). Here's an example performing the page using command line curl:

curl --request POST \
--url \
--header 'authentication:YOUR_API_KEY' \
--data 'id=PAGEES_API_ID' \
--data 'message=This is a test page!'

When successful, you'll receive a response body with success:true and an event ID to track your page. We're working on additional api commands to add to our free pager app so feel free to send us requests on our HELP page.

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