Pagem Pricing is easy with no plans, no contracts, and no complexity plus all the features you need in a simple paging app.

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Features Include

Gradual Paging

gradual paging volume

We built Pagem to work like an Amber Alert - just not as scary. Pagem gradually gets your attention by slowly increasing the volume of the page over a pre-set paging time you choose. Pagem doesn't pretend to be more than just a pager app. We're confident by the time you get a page, your email and sms in-boxes are already full of messages about what's going wrong in your world.

Group Hunting

Group hunting drag and drop

Pagem offers powerful group hunting features that you can setup with simple drag and drop. When you trigger a group page (manually or through the API) - the Pagem system starts paging the first (priority 1) group member. If they don't answer it moves on to the next, and so on. This group hunting helps reduce disruptions. Why bother an entire team for something one person may solve?

Page Activity

Pagem activity screen example

Pagem keeps a comprehensive history of all activity in the system that's easy to review. Any time you get a page (or miss one!) visit the activity screen to determine what happened and when. When it's a group page, it's easy to determine who took the page during the hunting cycle. And the activity history keeps you up-to-date on any changes to the groups you're in or the invites you received.

Snooze Function

Pagem snooze function example

With Pagem you have the option to snooze pages for a spell. So if you're heading into your child's music recital you can temporarily suppress the page. People trying to get hold of you will receive a busy signal, and you'll still get a notification (albeit a quiet one). It's a great way to relay you're temporarily unavailable. Or when that pesky server spews repeat pages, you can save your sanity with snooze till it's fixed.


Pagem privacy settings

Typical paging apps ask for all sorts of permissions. They want to read messages, access your phone, listen on your microphone, report your location, and more. Why? Because they want to harvest your data and sell it to the highest bidder. No thanks! We wanted a solution that doesn't involve exploiting your private information. Pagem never harvests anything off your phone, and Pagem requires no permissions.

Web Console

Pagem web application on laptop

In addition to the mobile phone pager app, you can use the pagem web application to access the same great features. Register your business or organization with Pagem (no mobile phone number required) to setup a dispatch board for your staff, employees, associates, etc. And within business accounts you can create additional dispatch users to manage your account and control the pages to/from your organization.

Questions & Answers

How do I change pagees or cancel my account?

Visit the billing screen on the Pagem website application to change your number of paid pagees, or to cancel your subscription altogether. This cannot be done through the phone app.

What information do you collect about me?

Pagem asks for your name, email and phone number (for paging). Nothing more. When you elect to purchase additional pagees, our payment processor (stripe) will ask for your credit card information which Pagem does not see nor retain. The system also keeps track of your history of activity within the app for your Recent Activity screen.

Can I download or delete my data?

Yes, Pagem is fully GDPR compliant. Through your account Settings on the web application you can download all the data within your account, as well as delete your account.

What about API access?

API access is available for free for the first 30 days on any new account. After 30 days we charge an additional $1 per month for each additional Pagee for maintaining API access (minimum one additional Pagee is required).

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