Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for Pagem?

All accounts begin on the website with our free registration process. You must create an account on the website before using the mobile app. Simply click the Sign Up link to begin your registration.

You will be asked to enter your name and email address.

Then you'll be asked to create a password that contains at least 11 characters, including 1 lowercase character, 1 uppercase character, and no more than 3 repeated characters.

Once your password is accepted you can login and complete the account setup wizard, as well as verify your email. Note, if you don't see your email validation code in your inbox, please check your spam folder!

Once you're logged-in, you can download the mobile app from the Google Play or Apple App Store and connect it to your new website account.

How do I invite people to page?

On the Dashboard you can invite people using their email. They'll receive an email invite with your name.

Each person you invite must create their own free account on the Pagem website and install the mobile app in order to send and receive pages as well.

What's the difference between a business and personal account?

Business accounts are useful for dispatching pages from the operator dashboard. They don't have a mobile phone (it's a business after all, not a person) so they can only send pages.

And with business accounts you can setup multiple Users (dispatch operators) to send pages to your employees, associates and groups.

If you want to setup a free business account, setup your individual account first. Then you can create a free business account from your individual account under your account Settings feature.

Business accounts get unlimited Pagees for the first 30 days. After 30 days all Pagees under a business account must be paid Pagees.

How do I change Pagees or cancel my account?

Visit the billing screen on the Pagem website to change your number of paid Pagees, or to cancel your subscription altogether.

Note, this can only be done through the Pagem website.

Is Pagem HIPAA Compliant?

Yes, Pagem is a HIPAA complaint pager system.

Pagem encrypts all page information and communication from end to end - at rest and while in transit.

Can I download or delete my data?

Yes, Pagem is fully GDPR compliant.

Through your account Settings on the website you can download all the data within your account, as well as delete your account.

What information do you collect about me?

Pagem asks for your name and email address. Nothing more.

When you elect to purchase additional Pagees, our payment processor (stripe) will ask for your credit card information which Pagem does not see nor retain. The system also keeps track of your history of activity within the app for your Recent Activity screen.

What about Integrations?

Both Email Paging and the Pagem API is available for free for the first 30 days on any new account.

After 30 days we charge an additional $1 per month for each additional Pagee for maintaining access to our Integrations (minimum one additional Pagee is required).