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Necessity is the mother of invention

Back in 2019 Open Sky needed a better solution to manage SysOps alerts and team communications. In a nutshell, our team was tired of servers and systems spawning alerts that resulted in multiple personnel responding. We needed something simple, inexpensive and smart enough to hunt down people in an emergency.

Imagine the following simple scenario: An important system goes down in the middle of the night. It shoots out a critical alert via email, sms, etc. What happens next exactly? If you're lucky someone on your team gets it. If you're unlucky, nobody sees it. And if you're really unlucky, multiple people get it and all jump at the same time (uggh!).

Wait! Aren't there systems out there that already to do this. Indeed there are. But they are overblown, harvest your personal data, or involve lots of management. Plus they are more costly than Pagem. Open Sky already has great monitoring and alerting systems. We don't need a "YATS" (Yet Another Ticketing System). We just need someone to act, and leave the rest of the team alone unless they need help. That's it.

And that's where Pagem comes in and really shines. Open Sky didn't build Pagem to be a YATS. We know by the time someone on our team gets a page it's guaranteed several emails, sms texts, and new tickets await them. They don't need to know why they are being paged frankly - they just need to know something is up and please go figure it out. It's that easy. Get their attention and move on.

Open Sky surveyed the landscape of free pager apps and low-cost paging services - and did not find the ideal fit. So, being developers, we threw some sunkwerks time on it - and e'viola - Pagem (an abbreviation for 'page them') was born. Pagem's REST api coupled with group hunting was the perfect solution for a simple automated alerting system. Not to mention how great it can be at getting one of your friends, family or kids to call you back! We hope you like it as much as we do - and thanks for checking it out!

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